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Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida installed clips on my roof and saved me $1700 a year on my insurance. The two employees that worked on the job were excellent. They were polite, worked hard in the heat and cleaned up after they were done. I have had an number of contractors work on my home in Florida and it is very rare that I find a contractor/company worth referring. I highly recommend this one!

— Randi McManus

Top Notch, provide excellent service and fastest turnaround! We use them personally and recommend to all our customers!

— Phil White • Owner, White House Inspections

Alex and Jose were great. Thank you for the job well done. The inspector was impressed with the work and asked for your contact information!

— Andrew Oyer

Working with my insurance agent and a local home inspection company, I was referred to Wind Mitigation Retrofits of FL to fix/repair/add any hurricane straps or clips needed as tie-downs for my roof structure. My goal is to qualify my home for a substantial discount on homeowners insurance – could be as much as 30%-40% annually with the proper roof tie-downs verified.

Communications with Wind Mitigation Retrofits were pleasant, timely, and informative. The technician also communicated in advance, arrived precisely as scheduled, and worked non-stop in the attic. He took photos of the finished job which will not only circulate to the inspector, my insurance agent, and homeowner insurance company, but will be helpful to me in the future should I sell the house. I also gain a huge benefit of peace of mind with the security of my roof.

My experience was terrific all the way through – I received superior customer service, cooperation, information, and professional service from the team at Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida. I highly recommend them for any wind mitigation retrofit work.

— Meg Boska

Many homeowners, particularly those who own older homes as I do, are unaware of the necessity to comply with the insurance industry standards of wind mitigation. The value and financial savings gained by doing so far exceeds the rising cost and personal expense in homeowner policy premium payments. In order to lower my homeowners’ insurance premium, my insurance agent suggested a roof to wall attachment retrofit in order to receive the current wind mitigation clip credit. As a savvy consumer my general rule of thumb is to ‘shop’ at least three vendors, so my agent gave me a list of names. The obvious choice to go with Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida was easy to make.

The team at Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They enjoy explaining and guiding their customer through what is typically a foreign process to the average consumer.  I gained knowledge of the work being performed and a greater understanding of what I was investing in. All interactions from our first phone call, via email and in-person were handled in a proficient and timely manner. The team arrived on time, were well-organized and completed the job with minimal interruption to my home. When they left all areas they worked in were left clean and in order.
It is my pleasure to recommend Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida for all wind mitigation retrofit installations and upgrades.

— Jill K.

I just want to thank you again for the retrofit work you did on our roof to bring it up to code. We really appreciate the professional, reliable service and quick turn around time. The inspector was back this morning and approved the upgrades. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

— Abby E.

Great service. No hidden charges. A company you can trust and count on to get the job done, and done right. They also provided photos of their work for our home insurance company which helped us save on costs. We highly recommend Wind Mitigation Retrofits. Thanks!

— Jeanie Potter

We used Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida LLC to retrofit our roof in the hopes of getting a better insurance quote. The office was great to work with, they scheduled the retrofit for the next week, and the workers were very pleasant and even cleaned up the site after they were finished. We qualified for a great discount because of their work and would certainly recommend them!

— Kayleigh Walsh

Thank God I was watching the nightly news on Channel 3 last week. They had a report on how you can lower you cost of homeowners insurance. The gentleman featured was in my position. He bought a house and was quoted $4000.00 for coverage. He then heard of having a wind mitigation report done for approximately $100.00. He was told that if he had repairs done to the attachment of his roof to his walls he would save a lot of money on insurance. He called (WIND MITIGATION RETROFITS OF FLORIDA LLC) and to his delight they did the job for him and brought his insurance down to below $2000.00. I called them the next morning and yesterday they completed the job for me. This company treats you with great respect and does a wonderful job. I couldn’t have asked for more!!! THEY LEFT MY GARAGE CLEANER THAN THEY FOUND IT!! I only wish I would have found this company sooner and knew what they can do for you. Now my insurance premium has been cut in half or maybe even more! It’s such a little charge for the money you save every year on your premium. They are the BEST in my estimation, in every respect.

— Cathy Murphy

Thank you so much for making my house safer.  It always worried me about the roof not being up to par.  I appreciate the guys going beyond and making it even safer than the code required.  They were really sweet and we chatted for awhile. It was a pleasure doing buiness with you.  If you need any recommendation I would be glad to give one.

— Helene J.

They have been phenomenal.  I have referred them to a few customers.  Not only did they come in with a good bid and were very knowledgeable, they call me to see what the customer’s credit will be and verify the work that needs to be done.   Two of my customers I referred them I wrote with People’s Xxxxx and they needed to have not only Clips but the nails to be at a level C in order to get a credit.  If they did just Clips the rate would have went up because of the automatic credits given.  Just wanted to give a quick shout out.

— Kimberly R.

Your crew is fabulous! Yes, they even found a gas leak in my attic while they were working! Have had it repaired.

— Paula M.

I want to tell you how much I have appreciated working with you. It is refreshing to find a company that is so responsive, has integrity and really stands behind their work. I hit the jackpot when I was put in touch with you. Despite the few bumps we hit in the process, you came through and in an extremely timely manner. I very much appreciate the team’s hard work and professionalism and their willingness to right the few problems we encountered in a prompt and professional way. I will strongly recommend you and your company to anyone I meet who is in need of retrofit.

Thanks again for a job well done!!

— Debbie P.

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