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To provide Florida homeowners with quality storm protection and years of insurance savings. With our extensive retrofit knowledge and our use of top-of-line engineer approved materials, along with our award winning customer service, our goal is to provide the best retrofit experience for each of our clients.

Living on the coastline of south Florida for nearly 50 years, Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida LLC’s founder has witnessed and survived numerous tropical storms and hurricanes. Many of those storms have had terrible consequences that still effect us today. As a result of devastating wind damage claims to insurance companies, Florida homeowners have had to absorb the cost.

In years past Storm/Wind Mitigation Retrofits were very costly and only performed by removing large portions of the roof. Wind Mitigation Retrofits of Florida LLC, specializing in Wind Mitigation Retrofits, can have the wind mitigation upgrade features retrofitted at a fraction of the cost. Wind Mitigation Retrofitting your home will help prevent the loss of life, property and create a substantial savings on homeowners insurance by qualifying you to receive wind mitigation insurance credits.

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